Smoke Detectors

New Lighting More than 70 deaths each year 1,500 injuries each year. Millions of dollars worth of property damage in Australia

Tragically, each year in Australia there are over 10,000 house fires resulting in more than 70 deaths, 1,500 injuries and millions of dollars worth of property damage.

These kinds of fires happen all too frequently, and the fact is, they happen fast. A house can be literally razed to the ground in less than 15 minutes. That’s why it’s essential for every home to be fitted with a sufficient number of appropriate and suitably placed mains powered smoke alarms.

Installing a high quality smoke alarm ensures your peace of mind by offering you 24 hour a day protection for your family and home against fire and smoke. The early warning that a smoke alarm provides means less chance of major damage and, more importantly, less chance of lives being lost


Smoke Alarm installation

The Building Code of Australia mandates the installation of at least one smoke alarm in every new home

Smoke alarm installation locations should be carefully selected in order to maximise their effectiveness and response time. It is also important to avoid certain areas so as to minimise the chance of false alarms or nuisance tripping

The correct selection and placement of your smoke alarms is a critical issue. Thankfully, our electricians have been fully trained in all aspects of fire alarm installation, and will be able to give you professional advice as a part of your installation

The importance of a properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is paramount to your safety

• Test your smoke alarm one a month

• Replace the battery once per year

• Replace the smoke alarm unit after 10 years of normal service with a new one