Commercial Switchboard Repairs, Upgrades & Installs

When it comes to switchboard repairs, upgrades & Installation, the team at B F Western Electrical offers a team of qualified, experienced and skilled electrical trade’s people. Our team offers a professional service to disconnect your old fuse board and conduct switchboard upgrades, repairs and switchboard installations complete with safety switches ensuring you optimum electrical safety. We also perform capacity and safety upgrades to your electrical switchboard panel, power capacity upgrades for additional appliances such as air conditioning units, new installations, repairs, circuit breaker upgrades, 1 to 3 phase upgrades..

Older homes mostly have age-old wiring systems and now-obsolete fuse boards which function poorly often not providing enough power supply to today’s latest homes & devices. Porcelain fuse boards are rarely equipped with electrical safety switches. The risk of electrical fire is much higher and the standard of the homes electrical safety is greatly reduced.

Modern and correctly functioning switchboards and fuse boxes play a significant role in protecting your home wiring. The majority of older fuse boards and switchboards have re-wireable fuses which are made from porcelain ceramic.

These are less reliable & don’t comply with many modern safety standards.

If your home e still has a ceramic fuses in the electric switchboard then its out date, and your switchboard is possibly an electrical safety hazard.

Today’s current homes and switchboards are fitted with automatic trip circuit breakers and safety switches which cut the electricity supply when an electrical fault exists. This can save your home, it can protect your electrical cables from over heating and catching on fire and most importantly save your life from electrocution.

No matter what type of property your home is, a modern reliable circuit breaker switchboard installed for your older house, unit, townhouse or apartment offers perfect peace of mind and safety.


Why are switchboard upgrades necessary for your household?

• Older outdated switchboards are highly prone to age fatigue, short-circuit and overload.

• Their fuses are more unreliable and harmful as they tend to catch fire and burn out more easily.

• There is greater chance of personal electrical shock with older boards.

• The electrical safety switch, available these days with the latest switchboards, ensuring that you do not get serious electric shock or serious physical damage occurring due to a fire breakout.

An electrical safety switch shuts down the main power supply as soon as it senses the slightest hint of any power leakage from a broken wire or faulty


Installing Surge Protection in your switchboard

Surge arrestors protect your property and assets from damaging electrical surges.

Lightning strikes, mains electrical faults and even branches falling on to power lines can cause surges or 'voltage strikes'. These pass through power lines, through the electrical switchboard and into electronic equipment - and can cause catastrophic failure or permanent damage.

Most Surge Protection Devices are designed to reduce over voltages (less than 800V) and minimise damage to your home and appliances.

Speak to one of our qualified and experienced electricians about installing surge protection in your switchboard upgrade.